Follow Our 3 Knowledge Tracks

At The Student Physical Therapist, Dr. Brian Schwabe PT, DPT, SCS & Dr. Jim Heafner PT, DPT, OCS know what it takes to be successful, productive, and happy in their practice. For years we have built our TSPT Academy and packaged this information into 3 easy to follow, knowledge tracks.

TSPT Academy is an online and interactive platform that uses the online learning platform, Teachable, to bring you regular content. Our content focuses 100% on our 3 Knowledge Tracks- Clinical Mastery, Financial Freedom, and Professional Growth and Development.

Clinical Mastery Track

  • Advanced assessment/treatment of the cervical, thoracic, & lumbar spine
  • Advanced assessment/treatment of the shoulder and upper quarter
  • Advanced assessment/treatment of the hips and lower quarter
  • Return to sport decision making
  • Athletic testing
  • Orthopedic lectures (Ex. PRP injections, peripheral neuropathy)
  • How to use a massage gun in the clinic
  • Picture and Video movement analysis
  • and more...!

Financial Freedom Track

  • Understanding the Business of Physical Therapy
  • Learning the Art of Negotiation
  • Earning Income as a FB and IG Video Host for Companies
  • Building out a consulting practice
  • Writing a book and selling it
  • Building a personal training clientele both in person and virtually
  • How to earn more $$$ in your 9-5 PT job
  • Strategies to help offset the cost of being a PT (CEU's, Licenses, CPR, Insurance, etc)

Professional Growth & Development Track

  • The HOW and WHY to do things.
  • How to Network effectively as a young clinician
  • The Athlete Physio Relationship
  • The MD Physio Relationship: How to develop a good working relationship
  • The Sports Agent Physio Relationship
  • 10 Years as a Sports Physical Therapist: Lessons learned
  • What is it like interviewing with Professional Sports Teams?
  • How to be happy as a PT

Dr. Brian Schwabe, PT, DPT, SCS, COMT, CSCS

Director of I.O. Sports Therapy

Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist

USC Sports Residency Trained

Dr. Jim Heafner, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

Owner of Heafner Health

Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Harris Health Orthopedic Residency Trained